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150 95€    30-12-2016
100(150-250) 110€  21-03-2017
200(250-450) 125€
100(450-550) 135€
50 (550-600) 145€   

FREE REGISTRATION NO FEDERATED (*)License includes 12 € a day

150 107€   30-12-2016
100(150-250) 122€   21-03-2017
200(250-450) 137€
100(450-550) 147€
50 (550-600) 157€   
The claim be federated in 2017  will be checked to validate the enrollment cap in March 2017. The registered triathletes may choose insurance charge off in the amount of 15€, which give the right to disenroll as follows:
Until March 31 will be entitled to 80% of registration carried out. From March 31 to April 17, 2017 50%. Wit hin the last 30 days no cancellation will be accepted, no refund will be made.
The date of May 21  for the V International Triathlon 113MD Oliva Capità of Vangvarda has already received municipal approval Excm City of Oliva and Pego.This date  has been presented to the new procedures for establishing  by the Calendar DGT This date is provisional.

The offer are 600 seats in total on all options, we aim to enhance the Middle Distance and project Viu la Festa Oliva és Triatló contributing to the Declaration of Autonomic Tourist Interest. The organizations reserves the possibility to close registration in 450 places and we’d get the participation objectives.






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