Once the post competition “Capità” meeting in its fourth edition, assessment of the safety device, authorizing agencies circuits … on the cycling circuit conditions are maintained to ensure greater security for  triathletes by avoid a passageway back and forth by the “Camí Carrasca” by narrow passage, with points back in “Camí Carrasca” which ends the crono-link , first roundabout entering Pego and into and back on the CV 715 straight to Oliva.

Officially published the date in sports calendar DGT 15-09-2019.

As for the circuit I had the classic race circuit 2 turns with improvements. Swimming as classic will start the “Posta Creu Roja” the start box we will find walking along the seashore to Denia, with the “Montgó” and “Gegant de Pedra” background, making the parallel swimming to the coast.


We wait to enjoy this venue Triatló Oliva edition, “THE DEGANA of Valencia” in its XXXI edition this year with triathlon kids.

“La Degana” and “Capità” make the project Viu la Festa “Oliva is Triatló” project to be presented with the intention get its declaration as a  event sports-festival  attractions. The “Degana” with its peculiarities that make it a unique triathlon of its kind, different, fun and personalized. The circuit is swimming parallel to the shore. The bike course is designed especially to launch “cabra” and roll trailer, meeting the NO DRAFTING, green circuit between orange trees. The footrace between the public beach, near the dunes with mediambiental campaign of preservation and conservation, and shows, attractive and unique for  triathletes and their companions. All for to celebrate and enjoy Oliva, participants and their companions.

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